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Diagnosing And Treating Sleep Problems

Common sleep problems can regularly ruin your every day life. Waking up each day, you feel like you barely slept at all and you remain unfocused. You may also experience frequent mood swings, high cholesterol, and poor eating habits. Poor quality sleep will also lead to slower reflexes and a decrease in your cognitive function. You are also at risk for more serious health problems, like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It's actually surprising to many patients just how much poor sleep habits impacts your life each and every day. Overall, sleeping poorly each night gets rather depressing.

Diagnosing and treating sleep problems early on will help reverse the effects of some of these complications. A Midtown sleep specialist will usually use a sleep study to diagnose common sleep problems, as these studies record quite a few different readings while you sleep. You're hooked up to a machine via 12-22 channels, each recording something different, like your brain waves, REM sleep cycles, heartbeat, and breathing patterns throughout the night. A sleep study is critical to diagnosing sleep disorders because it's the only way a sleep doctor in Midtown will be able to observe you and monitor the readings while you sleep. Most patients go to a sleep clinic in order to do the sleep study, but few doctors are offering home sleep studies in order to increase patient comfort.

Consult With A Midtown Sleep Specialist

If you are having trouble sleeping at night, don't brush it off. Make an appointment with a Midtown sleep specialist. You can discuss your symptoms and ask any questions you might have about your condition. A sleep doctor in Midtown will make sure you're comfortable with the potential treatment plan laid out and that you are able to make informed decisions about your medical care. Since there are a number of different treatments, each has to be tailored to your particular sleep problem and symptoms. Treatments for obstructive sleep apnea, for example, will vary depending on the placement and frequency of the obstruction.

Successfully diagnosing sleep disorders will increase your quality of life a great deal. Even the most common sleep problems are incredibly debilitating to your every day life and it's not something you want to let go untreated. A Midtown sleep specialist may recommend medications, lifestyle changes, or surgeries, depending on what your condition is and how it presents in your case.





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