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Causes of Snoring and The Best Treatment Methods

Snoring is one of the leading and disruptive symptoms of a sleeping disorder. There are a number of different causes of snoring, and a Midtown snoring specialist will be able to assign the causes to a potential sleep disorder based on other information you provide about your sleeping habits and overall health. So what are some of the causes of snoring and what should you look out for?

Your mouth anatomy. A low, thick soft palate will not support your airway the way it needs to be supported. Extra weight on your body often means extra tissue at the back of your throat as well. If the airway is obstructed, it is harder to breathe at night and your snoring will increase. Losing weight often reduces snoring, but it still means you should take opportunities to treat snoring conditions through surgery or medications because weight reduction won't get rid of snoring entirely.

Lifestyle choices. Alcohol consumption, smoking, or eating meals late at night all contribute to snoring as well. An ENT snoring specialist will be able to make suggestions to reduce your snoring through making a few lifestyle changes. It might seem improbable that these changes will reduce your snoring, but you'll be surprised. Nasal problems are another cause and will be treated by a Midtown snoring specialist.

Sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. Causes of snoring are often rooted in sleep apnea or other sleeping disorders. These disorders are serious medical conditions and need to be addressed by a Midtown snoring specialist. It's not easy to diagnose yourself accurately, but if you take your medical information and sleeping patterns to the specialist, you'll get the answers you need.





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