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Dealing With Chronic Sinusitis

Chronic and acute sinusitis infections can be problematic for you. The infection is painful and difficult to deal with, depending on the severity of your condition. Chronic sinusitis in particular is very serious and lasts for longer than twelve weeks. There are a variety of signs and symptoms of sinusitis, varying in severity that will let you know when you need to see a doctor. While sinusitis has been seen to clear itself up in a few conditions. More often than not, though, chronic sinusitis will demand attention from a Midtown East sinus specialist.

If you're experiencing facial pressure and pain, thick and discolored mucus, congestion, or other symptoms normally associated with chronic sinusitis, pick up the phone and make an appointment today. Chronic sinusitis is not something to take lightly, as it can lead to further complications down the road. Start considering the best sinusitis treatments once you have a definitive diagnosis.

Endoscopic sinus treatments

One of the most effective methods of sinus infection treatments is one that's endoscopic. Sinus treatments like this use a rod lens to avoid cutting any skin in the nostrils. It allows for a much more exact procedure, one that's as pain-free and risk-free as possible. Endoscopic sinus treatments open up the nasal passages effectively and can be used to treat bacterial, fungal, chronic, and acute sinusitis.

The procedure has proven successful with different sinusitis conditions, considering the thin telescopes and high definition cameras can access all the sinuses. The frontal, maxillary, ethmoid, and sphenoid sinuses can all be cleared using endoscopic sinus treatments. It also makes it easier for doctors to take biopsies and cultures to further diagnose your condition.

There are few complications associated with endoscopic sinus treatments. Since the wire and the camera are getting lose to sinuses near your eyes, the optic nerves, and your internal carotid arteries, it's important that your doctor take great care when performing the procedure. A sinus doctor in Manhattan takes every precaution when treating chronic sinusitis in this manner to avoid these potential issues. It's one of the most common procedures performed for treating acute and chronic sinusitis, so doctors can do it quickly and accurately.

Consult with a sinus doctor in Manhattan

A Midtown East sinusitis specialist has access to the latest endoscopic sinus treatments, guaranteeing you will get the medical help you need to fight off an infection. Whether you have an acute sinus infection or chronic sinusitis, effective sinusitis treatments are the quickest way to start feeling better.





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