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Turbinate ENT Procedures

Within your nose, you have different turbinates. The inferior turbinate runs the length of the nasal passages and is designed to collect dust, dirt, and other debris from getting into your nose. If this turbinate becomes enlarged, it can cause a congested feeling and may become an underlying problem, leading to chronic sinusitis. The middle turbinate is a little different. It is designed to protect the sinus openings from direct airflow, as that can be damaging as well. This turbinate can become a problem when it is enlarged as well, as it can obstruct airflow.

There are a few different ways of treating these enlarged turbinates, depending on what problem you are experiencing. The enlarged inferior turbinate will be reduced through a partial resection procedure, a submucous resection procedure, fracturing the turbinate, or any combination of those three. Doctors don't have to remove the entire turbinate, like they once did, so a combination of the treatment methods is usually highly effective. The middle turbinate enlargement is usually treated by removing the enlarged portion as well. It can also be angled, as opposed to fully removed.

Turbinate specialists in Midtown understand how frustrating it is not to be able to breathe right and they are dedicated to putting their patients first. You will be taken care of from the second you walk in the door, whether you are there for your first consultation or you're ready to have turbinate ENT procedures, like a turbinate reduction surgery. The doctors will make sure to listen to your concerns, address any questions, and make sure you are prepared for what's to come.





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