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What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Those suffering from chronic sinusitis may find it challenging to get relief on their own using over-the-counter medications or medications prescribed by a doctor. However, medication is only one form of treatment, and it may not be effective for every patient. Also, taking medications on a long-term basis may not be the best solution and could cause unwanted side effects.

Patients with chronic sinusitis may consider surgery as a more permanent option to relieve pain and infection symptoms. Surgical options include a traditional approach that calls for shaving down or removing some of the inflamed bone and nasal tissue causing a blockage in the nose.

However, this is an uncomfortable procedure. In addition, like any surgery, it may involve pain, recovery time, the inherent risks of infection and the possibility of further scar tissue forming.

A newer alternative treatment has emerged and has quickly become the favored option for addressing chronic sinusitis by providing a permanent solution. Balloon sinuplasty involves temporarily placing a small medical balloon in the nasal passage via a catheter and then gently inflating it to expand the nasal passageways. This expansion improves sinus drainage and airflow. There are several good reasons to consider balloon sinuplasty over traditional sinus surgery.

Is the Sinus Balloon Procedure Safe and Effective?

Approved by the FDA in 2005, this medical procedure is a safe and effective treatment option. It is minimally invasive, causing very little, if any, discomfort to the patient. As an alternative to traditional surgery, the sinus balloon procedure is a superior option that most patients prefer.

How Long Does Sinus Balloon Surgery and Recovery Take?

Balloon sinuplasty can be performed on an outpatient basis in a physician's office. A local anesthetic is used while the procedure is underway. There is almost no recovery time. If the procedure is performed on a single sinus cavity, it is usually completed in one hour. Most patients return home soon afterward.

Most patients undergoing sinus balloon surgery can resume their normal activities and tasks within a day of the procedure. In addition, patients report little or no discomfort. Unlike traditional sinus surgery, where a significant amount of downtime after the operation must be planned, balloon sinuplasty minimizes post-procedure downtime.

What is the Long-term Effectiveness of the Sinus Balloon Treatment?

Unlike medication, which can provide only temporary relief from the symptoms of chronic sinusitis, the sinus balloon treatment is intended to give a patient more permanent relief from previous symptoms. Many people who have undergone the procedure have indicated that they are breathing easier for the first time in many years and that this free breathing continues indefinitely.

Most symptoms associated with chronic sinusitis are either completely relieved or significantly reduced after the procedure, so patients no longer must tolerate sinus pain, headaches, congestion, nasal infection, or any other issues related to sinusitis. In addition, because the sinuses are no longer blocked, they can function normally again.

Balloon sinuplasty also avoids the potential for scarring, which may develop after traditional surgery. Scarring sometimes causes new problems and could require additional surgery.

Since no cutting is involved with balloon sinuplasty, there is no potential for scarring. In most cases, balloon sinuplasty is effective and does not need to be repeated on a given side.

How Well Does Balloon Sinus Dilation Work?

Because balloon sinus dilation provides a mostly permanent solution to all the symptoms associated with chronic sinusitis, it works exceptionally well for most patients and immediately improves their quality of life. While it does not treat all possible sinus conditions, it can bring tremendous relief and significantly impact the daily lives of those people who are good candidates for the procedure.

In many cases, the lives of patients afflicted with chronic sinusitis are dominated by the symptoms which trouble them. By undergoing balloon sinuplasty, patients are freed of these troublesome and ongoing symptoms.

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