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Diagnosing and Treating Neck Masses and Throat Problems

Finding a mass anywhere on your body is tremendously scary and it can lead you to make hasty decisions in terms of what doctor to see and how to best treat it. A Manhattan ear, nose, throat specialist, however, is here to help you stay informed and figure out what the mass is, which will give you the agency to make smart medical decisions to benefit your health. The key is getting in to see these throat specialists in Manhattan which, luckily, is not hard at all. These doctors understand how difficult it may seem to get an appointment with a specialist, but they strive to make their schedules as flexible as possible so they can it in and help as many different patients as possible.

First, it's important to understand the difference between malignant neck masses and benign neck masses. A mass is a growth that is at least three centimeters or larger, and it can be malignant (which means it is more dangerous) or benign (which means not particularly dangerous). Treating these two types of neck masses is done very differently and should be taken care of by the best throat specialists in Manhattan.

Both benign neck masses and malignant neck masses can grow to be quite large, both can be dangerous (though a malignant mass is much more threatening), and both can recur. The differences lie in the mass's ability to metastasize, the rate of growth, appearance, and tissue invasion. Benign neck masses are usually also removable through surgery, which eliminates a lot of the danger associated with them. Treating neck masses and throat problems when they are malignant can be done through radiation therapy or chemotherapy if the masses have metastasized to cancer. Masses can often be referred to as a tumor, a nodule, or a neoplasm as well.

A Manhattan ear, nose, throat specialist will diagnose you effectively and accurately without wasting time or compromising your health. Benign neck masses can actually become malignant over time so it's important to schedule an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible. You need to know that you have the best doctor working on your case because that means he or she is working to keep you healthy and maybe even save your life in the case of malignant neck masses. Don't waste time getting treatment because the mass may only be getting worse. Call for a consultation with throat specialists in Manhattan.





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