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Midtown Snoring Treatments

Many patients have been able to effectively treat snoring with pillar implants. The procedure addresses the tissue of your soft palate, stiffening it with three tiny implants. In order to go forward with the procedure, you'll need to schedule an appointment at a sleep clinic in Midtown to get a diagnosis. It will reveal the cause of your snoring, whether it's a symptom of something more serious (like sleep apnea), and what the best method of treatment will be for the condition. A Midtown, NYC otolaryngologist will be able to determine whether you'll benefit from pillar treatments for snoring, if it needs to be combined with other treatments, or if you'll need an entirely different treatment altogether.

Treating snoring with pillar implants is effective if the problem is with the soft palate. If a specialist is able to stiffen the tissue without having to remove or move any of it, you are a prime candidate for a Pillar Procedure.

In Midtown, snoring treatments are prescribed based on each particular patient and the specifics of their health and snoring. The examination will help a specialist figure out where the implants need to go based on where the obstruction is occurring to cause your snoring. Pillar treatments for snoring are just one type of palate surgeries, and there are others to consider if you're looking to treat snoring. One of the biggest factors in deciding between treating snoring with pillar implants or other palate surgeries is whether or not stiffening the palate will actually work. More severe cases of snoring will need to be treated with more complex surgeries, like a tissue removal or repositioning procedure.

The treatment doesn't necessarily end once you are done with the Pillar Procedure. A Midtown, NYC otolaryngologist may recommend scheduling a follow up appointment at a sleep clinic. This will help determine whether or not the procedure was a success and if any additional treatment will be necessary to eradicate your snoring or sleep apnea. You may not notice results right away, as it can take up to three months to start to see a real change. In fact, your partner may notice before you based on their improved sleep patterns!

A sleep clinic in Midtown is the best place you can go if you are looking to get treatment for snoring problems, whether it's a Pillar Procedure or another type. Doctors will evaluate your condition and figure out what is best for you in particular.





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