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If you are suffering from anything from sinusitis to a deviated septum, you want to make an appointment with a 10024 ENT specialist. These doctors are among the best in the field between their education, experience treating patients, and access to some of the latest diagnostic and treatment technology. Seeing an otolaryngologist in Midtown will put you on your way to sleeping through the night, no matter what sort of ear, nose, or throat issues you're facing, and that includes any issues you experience due to a deviated septum.

You might not think of a deviated septum when you're wondering why you aren't sleeping well at night. However, it can cause nasal obstruction and noisy breathing, both of which can wake you up. The nasal obstruction can also cause snoring. There are different methods of treatment when it comes to a deviated septum. An otolaryngologist in Midtown will try treating the symptoms and the nasal obstruction through medications designed to reduce the swelling. However, to truly correct a deviated septum, surgery is the best option.

Get a surgical treatment for a deviated septum

First, you'll have a consultation with an otolaryngologist in Midtown. Have as much information as you can to provide to your doctor, including how long your nasal passages have been obstructed, whether it was caused by trauma, do you have pain or nosebleeds, do you take medications, etc. The more information your doctor has, the better he will be able to treat you. Then an Upper East Side sinusitis specialist will examine the inside of your nose using a bright light and possibly a nasal speculum to open up your nostrils. Depending on how far up he has to see, he may also use an endoscopic tool.

A septoplasty is a surgical treatment for a deviated septum. The septum is straightened and positioned in the center of your nose. Some of your septum may be removed or cut, but that is a normal part of the procedure. The success rate depends on how severe the deviated septum is, but an otolaryngologist in Midtown has performed the procedure many times with great success.

A 10024 ENT specialist treats a variety of nasal issues, from snoring to a deviated septum to sleep apnea. The ears, nose, and throat are very closely connected in your body so an issue with one will often impact the other. Seeing an otolaryngologist in Midtown ensures that you are getting the best possible care, no matter what the issue turns out to be. Ear, nose, or throat, an otolaryngologist in Midtown will make sure your symptoms, concerns, and questions are being addressed with a diagnosis and successful treatments.





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