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What is Balloon Sinusplasty?

If you find yourself suffering from chronic sinus infections, an ENT surgeon may recommend balloon sinusplasty. This is a surgical method of relieving sinus infections and getting rid of any nasal blockage that may be causing or effecting them. Balloon sinus surgery is a safe procedure for those who may not be responding well to medications but still want to relieve sinus pressure and feel better. If may even cure snoring if that's a side effect of your sinus infection. ENT/sinus surgery often depends on the severity of your sinus infection and your medical history, but it's a viable option for those looking to relieve sinus pressure.

An ENT surgeon performs this safe and less invasive procedure in the hopes of helping your sinus infection and any inflammation that comes with it. Widening the nasal passages can go a long way when you're dealing with chronic sinusitis, especially when treating the symptoms and the infection with medication isn't working. The surgery doesn't involve any cutting or removing bone and tissue, which makes it an easy recovery. The balloon sinusplasty procedure is done by an ENT surgeon in a safe setting and is a great option for those not responding well to medications.

To relieve sinus pressure, a balloon catheter is inserted into your sinus and expanded, in the hopes of widening the sinus opening. Your sinuses are then flushed out and the balloon is removed. The expanded balloon maintains the structure of your sinuses while opening them up, working to relieve sinus pressure. This procedure can also cure snoring, if your sinus infections are impacting that part of your life as well.

Using an ENT surgeon

There are very few risks when it comes to balloon sinus surgery. All the same, you want the best of the best performing a balloon sinusplasty procedure despite its seemingly simple nature. The procedure is less invasive than traditional surgery, but having the best ENT surgeon working on your sinuses almost guarantees a better outcome. Having a doctor you can trust makes the entire procedure a lot easier.

Balloon sinusplasty is something that should only be recommended by an ENT surgeon or doctor. These experts know when the situation calls for surgical intervention, but these surgeries are often a last resort. Medications, antibiotics, and lifestyle changes are almost always the first line of defense when it comes to trying to relieve sinus pressure and get rid of a sinus infection. Trust your doctor if balloon sinusplasty is recommended—you may just feel like new!





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