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What is Leukoplakia?

If you have noticed white patches firmly attached to your oral cavity, you may have developed leukoplakia patches. They don't rub off or seem to have been caused by anything. These are actually small areas of keratosis and the patches can't actively be defined as anything else; they are diagnosed through exclusion. They are more common in people who smoke, though that's not the "direct" cause. The clinically accepted cause is a reaction to irritation from the mucous membranes in the mouth. Whether it's that constant cigarette rubbing inside your mouth or irritation from ill fitting dentures, leukoplakia patches are usually more common in older patients.

These patches are usually painless, but can be sensitive to temperatures or touch. They often take a few weeks to develop, and they can result in a hardened or rough texture. Make an appointment with ENT specialists in Manhattan once you've noticed these patches. Diagnosing ENT problems like leukoplakia patches is a little simpler than other procedures and can usually be done during an exam. A specialist should also biopsy a small piece of the patch to make sure it isn't something else, like oral cancer for example.

If white spots on the tongue are creating a concern for you, rest assured that they usually end up being nothing. Manhattan Otolaryngologists will diagnose them easily and the treatment usually involves removing whatever is causing the irritation. Your tooth can be smoothed, for example, which will take away a great deal of irritation and your dentures can be repaired or refitted. ENT specialists may also recommend that you stop smoking, if that is believed to be the cause in your case. Again, while leukoplakia patches are usually harmless, your doctor can remove the patch themselves if these treatments aren't working.

Diagnosing ENT problems is easy if you can find the best doctor. ENT specialists in Manhattan have a great reputation for offering high quality patient care and medical procedures. The doctors and staff care about your health and want to make sure you get the medical attention you need, no matter what problem you're facing. Manhattan otolaryngologists will do whatever they can to help you find a cure for your ailment, whether it's a simple toothache or something much more complex. Their diagnostic tools and fantastic bedside manner will make you glad you chose them for your health problems, even if it's something as simple as Leukoplakia patches.





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