Dr Eric Cohen
Dr Eric Cohen

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Dr. Eric Cohen

Do you have difficulty breathing? Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you had problems swallowing? Dr. Eric Cohen is a board certified otolaryngologist dedicated to diagnosing and helping treat any abnormalities of the ear, nose, and throat. With a convenient Manhattan office location, his medical and surgical expertise is easily available for you.

Although his practice has developed a specialization in treating patients with sinusitis or issues with snoring, Dr. Cohen enjoys seeing adult patients with any condition relating to otolaryngology. He is committed to making sure you get an accurate diagnosis as efficiently as possible, even if it means referring you to another ENT specialist within his New York office.

Dr. Cohen strives to stay current with the latest technologies and treatment plans to ensure that he can offer the best possible solutions. He has been recognized as a leader in performing the pillar procedure and has completed more balloon sinuplasty surgeries than any other doctor in New York. He is also the Director of the Cure Snoring Center, where obstructive sleep apnea and snoring are targeted and treated.

So if you're experiencing difficulties with breathing, sleeping, or swallowing, or have any otolaryngology diseases, schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Cohen. New York has plenty of otolaryngologist specialists, but you deserve to be treated by the best.

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